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Day 01 –Arrival / Nairobi                                                                                
Arrival at the Jomo Kenyatta International airport in Nairobi where you will be met by All seasons Safaris & Tours Representative with flower garlands in the typical warm African Hospitality. Thereafter, you will be given cold towels.  Thereafter you will be guided to board your safari minivans and introduced to your professional Safari driver/guide.
After a short briefing, you taken on a short city tour before been driven to the Hilton hotel to freshen up.
Later, you will visit the St Austin, which is the oldest Catholic Church in Kenya with a very rich catholic history and celebrate mass.
The Catholic Church has done a lot of work in charity missions and uplifting the lives of less fortunate Kenyans .
You will visit the Nyumbani children’s home that caters for aids orphans and has won admiration from across the world. Its founder pioneer Father Angelo D’Agostino has just passed on.
Visit the Resurrection garden at Karen. This is made by the Catholics and it’s a recreational center of sceneries describing the 14 steps that Jesus went through.
Visit Don Bosco, another of the Catholic project.  
(All of these are situated within the same area.
Blixen coffee Restaurant for lunch. 
Afterwards you will visit and go round the Karen Blixen center.
Karen Blixen settled in the Ngong hills in 1913 with her husband, Baron Bror Blixen to establish a coffee farm, which she abandoned penniless in 1930’s.Her experiences, and love affair with Denys Finch Hatton inspired the book “Out of Africa” which she wrote under the pen name Isak Dinesen. In her book, she expresses her love for Ngong hills. ‘That had not its like in the whole world’. Her old farmhouse was restored to the style in which she maintained it is and this is now a museum in her honor.
Later, you will be taken to the Giraffe manor (also renown as one of Kenya’s best known home stays)-situated 18kms away. It protects a herd of rare Roth child’s giraffe in a garden dominated by an enormous stone manor. You will have the opportunity to observe and feed the giraffe from a raised platform.
Evening transfer to the Canivore for your welcome dinner.
Carnivore restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in Nairobi. It is “ a must go place” for any visitor to Kenya. Besides serving the regular meat like beef, chicken, pork and fish, the restaurant also serves game meat like zebra, giraffe, and ostrich among others.
After the main course dinner, we have another surprise for you. Never mind. It’s just something to spice up your visit.
Later transfer back to the Hilton hotel for your overnight.

Day 2—Nairobi / Aberdares
Morning five minutes walk to the Holy Family Basilica to celebrate morning mass before having breakfast at the Hilton.
Then, drive towards central Kenya through Thika town with its vast pineapple farms. Thika town is an industrial hub. You will see vast pineapple plantations. The pineapple estate is owned and managed by Delmonte Company that also deals with the processing of pineapples. You will be taken through the processing details.  The British previously owned the company but it has since been sold to an Italian company.
Continue with your drive. You will pass and stop by the popular Blue Post hotel famous for its strategic view overlooking the chania falls.
There will be agricultural expects who will give a lecture on these visits.
You will also see the coffee plantations. Coffee used to be a major foreign earner
for the country in the early 80s until the world markets coupled with bad local tribal politics brought the prices down and most traditional coffee farmers boycotted it. But as we are talking now, the current government which was popularly elected on a platform of reviving agriculture has given coffee farmers a lot of incentives while at the same time liberalized marketing. This has sent farmers rethinking their strategies and according to statistics and future projections, coffee is just about to reclaim its place in terms of been among the leading income earner to the country’ gross domestic product.
Drive on and you are passing through Karatina town and witness the largest open-air market in East Africa.
mt.kenyaYou will be able to see Mt Kenya. This is where the stout hearted begin their ascent on the Africa’s second highest mountain -Mt Kenya.
Enroute to the Treetops, you will stop by and learn about the traditions and customs of the kikuyu- one of the Kenya’s largest tribe. They are referred to as the Ibos of Kenya.
As you drive through the forest on your way to the Treetops, you may encounter an occasional buffalo or beautiful Columbus monkeys, perhaps even a heard of elephants, bush baby, forest hog whilst you understand the spiritual significance of this majestic mountain which, according to the Kikuyu folklore is home to Ngai (God) and Mumbi from which the 9 kikuyu clans are divided from.
Treetop has a rich history and is famous for its legendary historical loyal connection. Former British Queen Elisabeth received information that his father had died while on holiday at the hotel and she immediately ascended to the throne. She came as an ordinary visitor but left as the Queen of England
Dinner and overnight at the Tree Tops hotel.
After dinner relaxing in the lounge by the fire place or watch the animals from the balcony overlooking the well-lit waterhole and salt lick as they come to drink water or take their daily diet of salt, spotting animals like the elephants, buffalos, waterbucks, gazelles, warthogs and others. If you go to sleep, the hotel bell will always wake you up to see the animals every time they come to drink the water.

Day 3 Aberdares / Lake Nakuru
Breakfast at the tree hotel.
Transfer back to the Outspan to rejoin with your diver guide.
flamingoesDrive through Nyeri town—the tribal hub of the populous Kikuyu tribe.
You will learn about the traditions and customs of the kikuyu- one of the Kenya’s largest tribe.
You will visit a monument elected in honor of the late Mother Teresa the two times Nobel price winner for her works of charity. Also get to hear stories of how she used to see visions of Virgin Mary. Also we have a catholic sponsored training school for padres, Fathers and nuns.
We shall also arrange a visit to Kenya Kine, a catholic mission ran by polish nuns.  
Visit to one of the traditional clinics.
This is quite an educational experience, as you will see how the local people have revolutionized the traditional medicines for day-to-day use. This involves a short tour to the sacred forest (Mt.Kenya) where  natural medicinal herbs are collected. The Kikuyu people used to pray facing this Mountain (the second highest mountain in Africa.) and they consider it and the environs a sacred place. It is from this forest which is undisturbed, and at peace with nature that traditional herbalists come to collect herbs for their traditional medication
As you participate in this exercise, you will listen in utter disbelieve as you get mesmerized by these exceptionally talented people who are now renowned traditional herbalists and healers in Africa as they lecture you on the medicinal values of each of the species collected and how they transforms it to traditional medicine.
Continue to  Nakuru.
A brief stopover at the breathtaking Thompson’s falls for a photo session
You will arrive in time for lunch at Lake Nakuru Lodge.
Lake Nakuru lodge is situated in a wonderland which lies in the heart of one of the Kenya’s most densely animal populated wetland National Parks.
The drive gives the visitor an unrivalled view of the majestic Great Rift Valley, winding through a series of lakes and forested uplands all the way to the bustling market town of Nakuru.
After lunch you will have an afternoon game drive at the Lake Nakuru Park.
Lake Nakuru National park is truly a remarkable park as it has achieved international fame on animal sanctuary. Both black and white Rhinos are being given a new lease of life in this park. Also it is in this park that you will find large numbers of different species of bird life and most outstanding the pink greater and lesser flamingos.
For bird lovers this an absolutely wonderful places to visit.
Return to the lodge for diner and overnight.

Day 4—Lake Nakuru / Masai mara
After a hearty breakfast, you shall depart for the highlights of your safari “The Magical Mara”.Masai . Mara is one of Kenya’s best loved reserves.  It is an extension of the Serengeti ecosystem to the south.
Each year, Mara is the staging ground for the “Great Migration”, one of the awe-inspiring natural events of the world.  .
Its now official. The Mara is an international conservation destination. It’s a verdict that was arrived by a panel of experts and announced in the American broadcasting corporation after many months of research. The wildebeest migrations have now been placed among the 7 new wonders of the world in the same category with The Tibets potala palace, The old Jerusalem city, The polar ice caps of Iceland, The underwater Hawaiian Islands and the Mayan pyramids in Mexico among others.


Watch the wildebeest migrations.
You are visiting Masai mara to see the annual migrations which starts from the month of June and climaxes in the month of August before closing over to Serengeti towards the month of Oct.

What exactly are the wildebeest migrations?
The wildebeest migration is a dramatic story. It takes place within Kenya and Tanzania and is the greatest wildlife show on earth. Between the open plains of Serengeti and the Masai Mara, thousands and thousands of wildebeest and zebras migrate to greener pastures as seasons change and circle of life and death continues. Predators closely follow the wildebeest migrations waiting for an opportunity to strike weak prey as they make their way into different territories.. The most interesting part is when you watch them as they cross the Mara River. The first ones to jump into the river are trampled upon to death by the following multitude. The dead animals become a bridge over which all the other animals cross the river. The crocodiles feed on the remaining carcasses for months.
mara explorerMajority of tourists literally camp in the Mara during this period with their flashy digital cameras. They will trail the migrations and even the members of the big 5 are no longer an interest at this time.  When its time to cross over the river, the tourists will position themselves strategically along the Mara river, trying to get the best shot possible. Others will ride on the hot air balloon to watch the migrations from the skies. To show the implication of this phenomenal show, members of both local and international media also make their way to Mara if only to capture this hot news for interesting reading .  It’s also a common feature in the world travel magazines.  This is a spectacle that should be witnessed at least once in a lifetime.
Masai Mara reserve is one of the most well known parks, which borders Kenya and Tanzania. It is one of the richest wildlife sanctuaries. It is in this very terrain that the annual migration takes place when millions of zebras, wildebeests and gazelles cross the plains below on their way to the rich new grasses of the Serengeti.
You will arrive in time for lunch at the Mara Sopa Lodge
Mara Sopa is a top Lodge property. It is situated on the park’s eastern boarder overlooking some of the most prime game viewing land on the continent.
It’s a premier Lodge whose unique location offers remarkable opportunities for safari adventurers.
In addition to the game drives, we can also organize optional sundowner cocktails which involves been taken to a special spot where hot and cold canapés has been arranged for you giving you a chance to witness the glorious sunsets in the most magnificent of settings.
After lunch you will have an afternoon game drive at the Masai Mara reserve.
Masai Mara reserve is the soul-stirring sense of space that, for some, endures in the memory: the oceans of grassland, cropped and yellow  in the dry season, tall and green after the rains, alluded in the Masai name ‘Mara’ ( spotted land ). For most, however it’s the staggering volume of game that interests them and one of the most well known parks, which borders Kenya and Tanzania. It is one of the richest wildlife sanctuaries. It is in this very terrain that the spectacular annual migration of millions of zebras, wildebeests and gazelles takes place. The animals cross the plains below on their way to the rich new grasses of the Serengeti. This frenzied migration is a must-see, at least once in a lifetime.
Impressive on every conceivable level, the Masai Mara is surely without equal for predators. Trademark blond-maned lions nonchalantly in the shade, solitary cheetahs pace the open plains, hyenas lope and sniff around their subterranean dens-even leopard are seen regularly in specific areas. Smaller plains residents includes the dainty bat eared fox, all three African jackals species and half-a-dozen endemic birds, while punctuating kopjes (granite outcrops) are frequented by the colorful Agama Lizards, scurrying Rock hyrax and dainty klipspringer.
It’s not unusual to see the big 5 in the Masai Mara. The big five are the lion, the leopard, the rhino, the buffalo and the elephant.   
Return to the camp for dinner and overnight.
Day 5—Masai Mara.
Morning game drive.
Return for breakfast at the Lodge.
Optional bush breakfast can also be organized by been driven to special spot along the Mara river where a full breakfast is set for you in the bush. 
After breakfast you will have an option of undertaking some of the activities that are arranged at the lodge on request.
Alternatively, you will have the option of doing a whole day watching the migrations with picnic lunches.

Optional balloon ride-recommended
The balloon ride would also be very ideal as it gives a better view of the migrations. This is a one-hour ride on a hot balloon guided by an expert pilot over the Masai Mara. Suspended in a basket beneath the rainbow canopy, you are off for a game viewing adventure with an entirely different perspective float in the silence over the Mara River, The forests and plains, and all the animals below. Land on the distant plains for a champagne breakfast to celebrate a thrilling experience. Lunch at the Lodge. After lunch you will proceed on an afternoon game drive at the reserve.
A visit to an authentic Masai village.
In the village Masai women dancing will welcome you. A guide will take through the village explaining in details the way the Masai live, their beliefs and traditions. You will get demonstrations of how the Masai make fire-using sticks. You will go into their houses and will be shown the full family set-up. At the end of the guided tour you will go a market where you will have a chance to buy some items and curios made in their village. While in the village you are allowed to take as many pictures as you want.
Lunch at the Lodge.
After lunch you will proceed on an afternoon game drive at the reserve.
Return to the Lodge for dinner and overnight.

Day 6— Masai mara / Lake Naivasha
Breakfast at the Lodge.
You will then depart for Naivasha while driving via small-scale farms and then down the steep escarpment of The great Rift Valley.
The Great Rift Valley escarpment stretches all the way from Jordan in the Middle East to Southern Africa. It’s an awesome sight to see. At the escarpment, you will make a stopover to view the awesome landscape. You will also get a chance to do some souvenir shopping at the roadside curio shops where you will get good quality products and practice your ability to bargain.                                                                                                                       
naivasha simbaLake Naivasha is a beautiful fresh water lake, fringed by thick papyrus. The lake is almost 13kms across, but its waters are shallow with an average depth of five meters. Lake area varies greatly according to rainfall, with an average range between 114 and 991 sq kms.
At the beginning of the 20th century, Naivasha completely dried up and effectively disappeared. The resulting open land was farmed, until rains a few years later caused the lake to existence, swallowing up the only established estates. 
Afternoon wind and storms can cause the lake to become suddenly rough and produce high waves. For this reason, the local Masai christened the lake Nai’Posha meaning
rough waters which the British later misspell as Naivasha.
The lake and its surrounds are rich in natural bounty, and the fertile soils and water supply have made this one of Kenya’s prime agricultural regions.
The lake is home to 400 species of wonderful bird life and an abundance of fish and water life. Forests of the yellow barked Acacia Xanthophyllous, known as a world class birding destination, surround much of the lake.
The waters of the lake draw a great of game to these shores. Giraffes wander amount the acacia, Buffalo wallow in the swamps and Columbus monkey call from the treetops while the lake region hippo population sleep the day out in the shallows
columbus monkey
The surrounding landscape is host to a variety of game including giraffe, buffalo, and the elusive black-faced Columbus monkey and in the lake itself to many hippos. A number of activities can be arranged in this area, which includes, horse riding, bird watching, fishing, water sports, cycling, lake trips and nature trails.
Afternoon optional boat ride
Later, we shall organize a short marathon race under the auspices of the local Tekla Lorupe organization, which was formed by one of the Kenyan gold medallists to promote the local upcoming talents in Athletics.  Kenya has featured a lot in world Athletics titles. We have organized other similar competitions with incentive tourists groups in the fields of volleyball and it was very interesting for them competing with the local communities. It’s very ideal especially with big numbers of tourists.   
Dinner and overnight at the Lodge.

Day 07—Naivasha  / Amboseli
After breakfast you will depart for Amboseli.
You will pass stop by west lands to see the consolata shrine Later celebrate lunchtime mass before having Lunch at one of the Restaurants.
You will arrive at the Amboseli and proceed to the Amboseli Sopa lodge.
Amboseli Sopa lodge is located at the foot of the mighty Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest and most famous mountain.
The lodge is an ideal venue for many activities; a wide variety of activities can also be arranged in and around the lodge.
Amboseli Park is within 200 acres of private land, a stone’s throw from the place, which in the early 1930’s, inspired Earnest Hemingway’s unforgettable story “The Snows of Kilimanjaro”.
Amboseli Sopa is located at the foot mighty Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest and most famous mountain.
You will then have an afternoon game drive at the Amboseli Park.
Amboseli Park is within 200 acres of private land a stone’s throw from the place, which in the early 1930’s inspired Earnest Hemingway’s unforgettable story “the Snows Of Kilimanjaro.
Afternoon game drives at the Amboseli Park.
Return to the lodge for dinner and overnight.

Day 8—Amboseli
Early morning game drive.
Return to the lodge for breakfast.
Rest of the morning is at leisure in the lodge.
Lunch at the lodge.
After lunch you will proceed for an afternoon game drive at Amboseli Park.
Return to the lodge for dinner and overnight.
Day 9—Amboseli / Nairobi / Departure.
Depart after breakfast and transfer to Jomo Kenyatta International airport for your homebound departure flight.
                                                ENJOY YOUR SAFARI

Cost Inclusions:

Arrival and departure airport transfers.
Full board accommodation on safari.
Bed & breakfast in Nairobi.
Transport and game drives in specially designed safari minivans with pop up roofs for maximum game viewing comfort and driven by professional English speaking driver guide. 
Government taxes.
Cost of optional activities, which is USD 385 pp for balloon, ride, USD 20 for an authentic visit to Masai & USD 25pp for the popular Carnivore dinner, USD 25pp for city tour & USD 35pp for Karen Blizen/Giraffe Center
Complimentary adds-on --courtesy of traveling with All Seasons Safaris & Tours.
Mineral water while on safari-2 bottles per person per day.
Safari hats whilst on safari.
Arrival traditional African welcome of flower garlands and the option of champagne/ sparkling wine
Face towels in the vehicle.
Free assistance with visa formalities at the airport on arrival We have stationed our staff at the visa counter. They page the clients as they disembark from the plane, then assist them identify their luggage all the way even past the customs counters. On many occasions, our clients have had their luggage left at points of connection and our staff have always taken this up with the particular airlines while making sure that the clients are not in any way inconvenienced during their stay. We even follow up on compensation to our clients by the respective airlines.
Cost Exclusions
Cost of obtaining visas.
Expenses like laundry, beverages, bar bill, telephone, mineral water, tips etc..
International departure taxes.
Travel & medical insurance.
Other expenses that are of purely personal nature.

Optional 3 Nights—4 days Mombasa Beach holiday Extension
Day 1: Nairobi / Mombasa
Transfer to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and board your flight to Mombasa.
In Mombasa airport, you will be met by All Season Tours & safaris representative and be transferred to the Indian Ocean Beach Club for dinner and overnight.
The Indian Ocean Beach Club is the largest resort on the East African coast, located North of Mombasa on one of the finest beaches in the area. The resort features 340 rooms and suits all with balconies, nestling in 22 acres among palms and fragrant frangipani trees. The resort offers a wide range of sumptuous foods from five restaurants as well as wide range of themed events.

Day 2- Mombasa
Breakfast at the hotel.
Rest of the day in Mombasa relaxing at the Beach with options of taking the many available
excursions and sightseeing activities.
We recommend that you relax morning session and then go for the city tour of
Mombasa in the afternoon and thereafter sum up your safari with the popular tamarind dhow
Fort JesusCruise dinner; Lunch at the hotel
Half-day city tour to Mombasa
The representative will pick you up from the hotel
of All Seasons and driven to the Akamba woodcarvers factory in Changamwe. Here, you will also get to visit their big shop and get some good bargains at the factory price.
You will visit a Hindu temple and also pass via the main street – Moi Avenue and possibly take pictures of the giant tusks. You will also visit Indian Bazaars – shops. You will be taken to the Likoni area where you will see ferries crossing from Island to Southern mainland.
You will also see the giant baobab trees, which are over two hundred years old.
The highlight of your tour will be the visit to The Fort Jesus; The Portuguese fort built in the15th century and which for hundreds of years has seen many different rulers. You will also visit the old port.

Tamarind Dhow Cruise with dinner
Your driver will then transfer you to the tamarind jetty for the evening cruise. After a welcome Cocktail, the tamarind dhow cruises past the old town and fort Jesus. Fantastic seafood meals prepared by the world famous Tamarind restaurant are enjoyed while a local band plays music to suit all tastes.
A tri-lingual guide, fully stocked bar and a friendly service all add to the unforgettable atmosphere.
 Return to the Jetty and thereafter transfer to your hotel.

Day 3 Mombasa
Breakfast at the hotel.
Rest of the day in Mombasa relaxing at the Beach with options of taking the many available
excursions and sightseeing activities.
underwaterMarine walk
It’s a 2 to 3 hours ride to the deepest part of the ocean whereby you will be able to see various types of
Fish. The fish are so many. Its a very romantic and awesome scene, people are allowed to feed the
 fish, because the more you feed them the more they come in plenty since they all come to scramble for
food. You are also allowed to swim on this area so you can carry your swimsuits along.
The rest of the day on leisure at the beach
Dinner and overnight will be at the hotel.

Day 4 -Mombasa/Nairobi/Departure
Breakfast at the Indian Ocean beach club.
Transfer back to the airport for your flight to Jomo Kenyatta International airport where upon reaching, you will connect directly to your homebound flight.

                                    End of our Services.

Cost Inclusions:
Arrival and departure airport transfers in Nairobi & Mombasa
Half board accommodation at the club.
Government taxes.
Cost of optional activities—Mombasa city tour and the popular Tamarind dhow excursion
Cost Exclusions
Cost of obtaining visas.
Expenses like laundry, beverages, bar bill, telephone, mineral water, tips etc..
International departure taxes.
Travel & medical insurance.
Other expenses

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