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Jambo! Welcome to All Seasons Safaris

All Seasons Safaris is a Kenyan Safari Company that offers affordable and high quality safaris to East Africa (Kenya Tanzania Uganda). Our products include luxury and camping safaris, and can be tailored to any budget.

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Kenya Safaris add the spice and seasoning to your holiday to create that silver lining. Yes, you should have life in your days, not just days in your life! We are excited at the prospect of making a contribution as you plan your memorable and exciting holiday. And that is what we promise in our Kenya Safaris - a time to remember the rest of your life!


The Mara balloon ride. This is a one-hour ride in a hot-air balloon guided by an expert pilot over the Masai Mara. Suspended in a basket beneath the rainbow canopy, you are off for a game viewing adventure with an entirely different perspective. Floating in the silence of space over the Mara River, the forests, the plains, and all the animals below present a breath-taking view that one remembers for life. Lands on the distant plains for a champagne breakfast in the bush to celebrate the thrilling experience.

There is a safari that is just suited to your particular situation. If you cannot see it in the samples provided here, just drop an email with your requirements and we will tailor one for you.