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[ Marangu Route -Machame Route -Umbwe Route


DAY 1:Transfer from Arusha or KIA ( Kilimanjaro International Airport ) for Marangu, at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro . Dinner and overnight at the springlands Hotel

DAY 2: 3-4 hours 9000 ft 2,725m

After breakfast, start the climb through fascinating rain forests till you reach the first Hut-MANDARA. Meals and overnight at the hut.

DAY 3: 5 hours 12335 ft 3,780m

After breakfast, follow the ascending path through the alpine meadow. The altitude begins to change and slows down your pace while enjoying the flora and the view of Mawenzi and Kibo peaks. Arrive at the Horombo hut 12km from Mandara. Meals and overnight at the hut.

DAY 4: 5-6 hours 15520ft 4,730m

After breakfast, resume the climb; the landscape becomes rugged and rocky and groundsels and lobelias appear. Climb to Kibo hut. Meals and overnight at the hut.

DAY 5: 5 hours 18635ft. 5680m.

The beginning of the last ascent is made at about 1:00 a.m. in the morning while the scree is still frozen. Climb the very steep part of the route to GILMAN'S POINT (most difficult and tiring part)

UHURU PEAK : 1 hour 19344ft. 895m

UHURU PEAK is reached within an hours walk along the crater's rim.

Start the descent to Horombo hut for overnight.

DAY 6:Continue the descent to Marangu Gate. Return to your hotel. After lunch, rest for the day. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

DAY 7:After breakfast, depart for your next destination to:

(a) The National Parks

(b) Kilimanjaro International Airport

(c) Arusha or

(d) Namanga

You may bring your own climbing gear or rent them from the Hotel.



Day 1 :You are booked at a hotel for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 2 :The route begins from the park gate walking through the surest up to the first Uniport Hut - Machame Hut at 10,000ft/3,000m. Stay overnight.

Day 3 :Cross the little valley and continue along in steep ridge going onto rock ridges through heather until the end and the route turns west into a river gorge reaching Shira Hut at 12,500ft/3,800m. Stay overnight.

Day 4 :You continue walking toward east up to the junction, turn south to the glacier streams where Entrance Hut is situated at 13,000ft/3,900m. Stay overnight.

Day 5 :From here you walk down up to the junction where you again ascend unto the Uniport Hut - Barafu Hut at 15,500ft/4,600m. Stay overnight.

Day 6 :Early start for the summit Uhuru Peak the highest point in Africa at 19,340ft/5,896m. From her you descend to Gilmans Point at 18,640ft/5,681m. which is on the greater rim. Passing through Kibo Hut at 15,000ft/4,700m. and walking down the saddle passing the "Last Water Point" to Horombo Hut at 12,000ft/3,700m. Stay overnight.

Day 7 :The day spent descending through open moorlands and the glades of forest passing Mandara Hut at 9,000ft /2, 750m. and straight down through the rain forest up to the Park Gates at 5,900ft/l,500m. Overnight at Hotel.



Day 1 :
You arrive at your hotel . Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 2 :Transfer from your hotel to Kilimanjaro National Park Gate at Umbwe. From here you trek along a narrow ridge between the Lonzo and Umbwe rivers to reach LAVA CAVE (also called Forest Caves) at 9,400ft/2800m. Camp Overnight .

Day 3 :Leaving the forest, the path continues to follow the ridge, passing through heather and open moorlands, to reach Barranco Hut (13,000ft/3900m). Stay/Camp overnight

Day 4 :The path climbs steeply out of the Barranco Valley, crosses the Arrow Glacier , then turns north to reach Barafu Hut (15,500ft/4600m).

Stay/Camp overnight

Day 5 :A long day and an early start to reach the crater rim at Stella Point in time for sunrise. Then to Uhuru Peak (19,340ft/5896m), the highest point in Africa . Afterwards descend to horombo hut.

Stay overnight

Day 6 :Descend to Road Head at Umbwe gate, from where you are transferred back to your hotel.

Dinner and overnight.

Day 7 :Breakfast at your hotel.


Marangu Route -Machame Route -Umbwe Route

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