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From the Desk of the Accountant - All Seasons Safaris & Tours

Ann Nyokabi - Accountant, All Seasons Safaris & Tours  
Hopefully, we are looking at the best touristy season and moving forward. We are looking to position ourselves to have a market share in this vibrant industry that contributes over 50% of our country’s GDP and the second largest source of foreign exchange revenue following agriculture. The new Government has already mentioned about doubling the Tourists Nos this year to 3 million and 3 million PLUS to subsequent years. In the last 1 month, the enquiries have been coming in fast, swift and furious. I am looking to be overwhelmed by the books of accounts and the balance sheet though am well prepared.

To those tourists out there still undecided on where to go, Kenya and the Greater East Africa has just gotten better. There is a lot to offer to both the first time visitor and even repeat visitors.

The following is a ‘MUST SEE’

1. The Migrations in the Maasai Mara—7th wonder of the world.

2. The Wildlife. The Big 5. The Special 5. And the small 5.

3. The Serengeti plains in Tanzania bordering Maasai Mara. Serengeti plains means endless plains in Maasai language.

4. The Ngorongoro Crater –8th wonder of the world.

5. The Majestic Kilimanjaro views.

6. Cradle of mankind in Lake Turkana. Evidence of the first fossils of the early man. Where humanity began . Those who are enthusiastic on the theory of evolution must visit this place.

7. Did you know that a Lion can adopt an orynx . A Lion adopted several baby orynxs (Antelop family). It happened twice in Samburu. Such things are known previously to have happened only inside Noah’s Ark where all the animals went 2 by 2 and were in harmony with each other for 40 days and 40 nights

8. In Lake Manyara Lions have adopted a survival mechanism. It’s so much forested and the animals cannot easily find prey so they climb on top of trees to spot their prey easily. Their victims too have adopted an equally survival mechanism, they keep away from the high grass and only graze in the open plains so that they can spot the enemy coming. So it’s a hide and seek game.

The travel consultancy department of ‘All Seasons Safaris ‘will make you an Itinerary sure to incorporate all these places of interest. If you have only a few days, they will just put together an Itinerary incorporating only the best while for the rest, you can visit in your subsequent repeat visits.

Our prices are very reasonable and if what we offer does not meet your budget or what you are looking for, our dedicated consultancy team is always ready to rework and refine it to suit your interest and budget.

Ann Nyokabi—The Accountant / All seasons Safaris & Tours


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